Easter Egg Hunt

James and I spent Easter weekend at our parent's house in St. George. We missed those who couldn't make it down and wish you a Happy Easter. The Carroll's Extended family came down and celebrated with us. Thanks to mom and dad for the great weekend! .

All the kids were getting ready for the Easter egg hunt. It was a blast seeing how excited they were

All the kids had to find 4 eggs which contained numbers. Prizes were set up on the table and the kids went when their number came up.
The table of prizes.
Katilyn found number "1" and went first.

Easter Egg Hunt Video


school project

For the photoshop class last semester I had a panorama assignment. This is the backyard of the Atkin house. I took five photos on a tripod and used photoshop to combine them. If I took better photos it would of came out way nicer and smoother looking. The next one I do will look way better.

school project

Last semester I took a visual technology class and had to design something 3-d looking on Adobe Illustrator. For my assignment I decided to create a skateboard and a graphic. This board graphic is called the " Swine Epidemic". The whole picture was designed in Illustrator piece by piece. The hardest part was creating the trucks and wheels.


James' skate photos

Here are some photos of James skating.

December 2009

We took a family photo last Christmas with the timer on the camera. James did a good job setting up.


Hanging out with the family last weekend

Bennett the birthday boy!
Everybody eating cake and ice cream.

Katilyn and Bennett sharing a birthday while they were visiting St. George.

Tia being supercute!

My oil painting

Here is my first real oil painting I did in class. Our class had to replicate a photo copy of an oil painting done by someone else. We were learning about shape, values, and lines.



New Years Eve Dinner

For New Year's Eve James and I went to Haven (resturaunt in St. George) and ate dinner with the Familia. Most of the family was there except for Jeff's family and Amy's family and Rick & Rachel. The dinner was a 5 course meal, the cheese appetizer was our favorite.

Dad and Mom

Shanna and Tyler Carroll

Donn and Launa Williams

Jamie and Joe Atkin

Jeremy and Chelsea Atkin

All of us


Grandma Atkin got Benny tons of treats and toys.
I decided to wrap his presents this year hoping he would learn
to open them. Well, sure enough he did! I grabbed the camera
and started filming. He so cute!

Art Field Trip

Early in November James and I went on a Art Field Trip with Dixie State College. It was a lot of fun and worth 4 credits!
These were taken at the Huntington Museum.

A bunch of versions of light bulbs.

One of the library rooms at the Huntington.

The Norton Simon Museum
Vincent van Gogh "Portrait of a Peasant" 1888

Vincent van Gogh "The Mulberry Tree" 1889

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres "Comtesse d'Haussonville"

The Getty MuseumFranz Xaver Wenterhalter "Portrait of Princess Leonilla of Sayn-Wettgenstein-Sayn"

Pierre-Auguste Renoir "La Prmenade"

Vincent van Gogh "Irises"

Claude Monet "The Portal of Rouen Cathedral in Morning Light"

Claude Monet "The Bridge over the Water-Lily Pond"

French Bed
Long-Case Musical Clock
French, about 1712

Giovanni di Niccolo de Lutero "Saint George" 1513-15

Giulio Romano "The Holy Family" 1520-23

Nicolas Rodriguez Juarez "The Holy Family" (La Sagrada familia)

Thomas Hart Benton "The Kentuckian" 1954

Paul Manship "The Flight of Europa"

Herter Mirror
This mirror was so huge I was supprised that it didn't break during shipment.

James and I in front of LACMA

School Project

For my photoshop class at Dixie I had to make a collage for the final. I decided to do it on James with skateboarding. Here is the result.